About Us

The team at Kuhn Aviation is in a unique position to help guide your aviation experience as we have assembled a group of industry experts from each aspect of business aviation. We have found that with this multi-faceted approach, the guidance that we provide results in a more effective solution for our customer base.

Our experienced aircraft management team complements our sales staff by providing real-world cost and maintenance data to help prospective buyers have a deeper understanding of their potential purchase. Likewise, our in-house market research team provides quarterly updates to our managed clients on the value of their asset. Whether you’re booking a flight or evaluating a potential new aircraft, our team is ready to help provide a hassle-free experience.

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Tom P.

I have trusted Scott Kuhn with our charter requirements for more than 5 years now and have not once been disappointed. He continually exceeds expectations and provides a tremendous service.

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Kathryn G.

We recently purchased a jet through Kuhn Aviation, and I was impressed with their answer to every question I had. Whether it was insurance, maintenance costs, future value, or improvements and upgrades, they were well-versed and had great resources available.

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Chris T.

The Kuhn Aviation team has worked closely with our family office and provide great expense reporting and insight. Their management solution is far superior from an accounting and tracking perspective than others we have used.

Scott Kuhn

President & CEO

Noah Holt

Sales Executive