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Kuhn Aviation offers a comprehensive aircraft brokerage service that begins with a deep understanding and evaluation of the client’s aircraft. We begin by reviewing the complete history of the aircraft by reading and digitally scanning the logbooks, meeting with maintenance staff responsible for the aircraft and learning about standard and optional equipment and upgrades currently installed.

Our market research team then applies internal market knowledge to recent comparable transactions and recommends pricing expectations based on current market trends. After having professional photos and putting together the marketing package, we hit the ground running by advertising on numerous industry sites and multiple listing services to promote your aircraft as much as possible. Fielding, qualifying and following-up on prospects is the hallmark of our approach and dramatically increases the odds of a sale with the attention given by our professional sales staff.

Once a qualified lead is identified, we use our market knowledge to negotiate on our client’s behalf to get the best price possible. We provide all necessary legal documents and coordinate with escrow to provide the smoothest closing possible. Our in-house maintenance staff provides oversight during the pre-purchase inspection and helps to identify airworthy squawks and helps negotiate down pricing with the service center. This results in a cost effective and seamless transaction experience for all parties involved.


We utilize our experiences in the management of our client’s aircraft to lend valuable insight into operational costs, maintenance reliability and performance data on various aircraft. Being on the ground day-to-day puts us in a unique position to have a much deeper understanding of different makes and models which in turn, enables us to make a vastly more informed recommendation to our clients.

After having conversations to better understand your mission and budget requirements to determine the best fit for your future operation, our market research team works to identify the best value on or off the public markets while our maintenance team prepares for pre-buy inspections and maintenance record audits. As a broker, we have access to data of all owners and operators across the globe and are aware of multiple aircraft that are not publicly advertised. Moreover, with the current demand in today’s fast-paced marketplace, we are seeing an increase in aircraft that transact without ever being known to the public.

Our team helps to identify the best fit and best value for your operation and provides the same transaction support for our brokerage clients to results in a hassle-free and enjoyable transition in your new aircraft.


Kuhn Aviation aims to promote the best pricing within the context of the strongest aircraft safety records to result in the best value available to our clients. Our thorough process to evaluate each trip includes:

  • Pulling title on the aircraft to review any outstanding liens
  • Reviewing the flight crews’ experience and aptitude
  • Review of the aircraft’s maintenance history and pedigree

Our team members provide concierge service to give full oversight from booking to arrival and beyond. We make sure that every detail of your trip is taken care of and that your expectations are met at every turn.

We lean on our experiences to identify problems and provide solutions without impacting our client’s expectations. This pre-emptive problem solving allows for a seamless and hassle-free experience for our customers. As a result, we manage travel for numerous private families and Fortune 500 companies in the Washington D.C. area.

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Transparency is the foundation upon which we have developed our aircraft management solution.

We feel that, above all else, a clear understanding of aircraft costs should be the priority that we deliver to our customers. Kuhn Aviation manages and negotiates all expenses and passes on those savings directly to our customers. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not mark up fuel, hangar, or any of the other numerous expenses associated with aircraft ownership but rather have a simple, fixed fee that is clear to understand. We work alongside our clients to navigate the expenses as the owner advocates.

This results in a completely hassle-free and turnkey solution for our customers to fully enjoy the benefits of private aviation. We provide best-in-class concierge services which includes but is not limited to arrangements for:

  • Catering
  • Ground Transportation
  • Hotel accommodations for passengers and crew

We work with our client’s financial team to create customized financial reporting that best aligns with their current strategies. We also provide a complete package of deliverables to include SIFL reporting which reduces the impact on the owner’s current staff and their operations. When combined with monthly aircraft utilization reports, this data gives unparalleled insight into the flight operations of the aircraft.


Our highly experienced and OEM trained in-house maintenance department provides unmatched support to our management clientele as well as general maintenance services. Some of the services we provide are pre-buy inspections, maintenance record audits, oil changes, annual inspections, and preventative maintenance. Our staff are able to provide maintenance services to aircraft of all types but specialize in turbine powered corporate fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft.


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